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  • Name: Auro (Aura)
  • Species: Latius normally
  • Age: At least 25, but don't you know it's rude to ask a lady their age, even if they're not always a lady?
  • Gender: Normally herm
  • Orintation: Bi-curious, not Bi-furious
  • DomSub preference: Switch, subby leanings

Auro's Wiki ToDo List

  • Create a template for monsters to make showing stats easier - Done
  • Get the stats of all monsters and put them on, along with all known drops - In Progress
  • Get the stats of the player at each level past Level 5, and put them into a table
  • Make descriptions for the drops - In Progress
  • Make pages for hir own mods - both those used for helping with the Wiki project, and those intended to either enhance the game or offer a new challenge to the player.