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Note - this monster is a modification for The Underworld. Visit the new Mods Portal for more mods, mods on the wiki are no longer maintained. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms and browse to this mod or copy/paste the JSON below into the program window.

Monster Details

The kitsune plays in the void, blissfully unaware of the soul-crushing loneliness surrounding her. Oh, but look! Here you are, somehow. Will you show her the true meaning of friendship? Or will you (or she) be filling other holes?

Author: NathiriRuby


Max HP: 200
Max Lust: 300
Physical Attack: 4HP
Sexual Attack: 15 Lust
Body Type: Fox

  • Rate of Escape: 5%
  • Your Attack Accuracy: 80%
  • Your Seduce Accuracy 25%


The kitsune is an extremely difficult egg to crack. It is intended for Level 3 players with no negative status effects, full hp, and an empty lust gauge. On top of that, it is also required to have AT LEAST three (3) health potions.

Monster Code

  "type": "MONSTER",
  "name": "Kitsune",
  "id": "Kitsune",
  "description": "A pink humanoid creature with three fox tails, large, swiveling fox ears, and fur-covered arms and legs. This fox-morph-looking creature  towers over you, reaching a massive 15 feet in height. She looked feminine at first glance, but as you approached, you realized that you were wrong. Granted, the first thing you saw were the humongous HHH tits swaying sensuously as the creature moved her large hips and cushiony rump to an unheard beat.\n\nHowever, as your eyes are drawn lower by those hyper-sexualized breasts, the dual genders of the kitsune are made readily apparent.  Apparently, when the kitsune received those triple tails, she also received a dick to go with each one. The kitsune is heavily endowed,[[IF [[PENIS]]]] dwarfing your own relatively tiny cock, [[ELSE]] and you find yourself drooling at the prospect of stuffing yourself with one of those monsters, [[ENDIF]]with each cock appearing to be nearly 30 inches in length and 3 inches in girth. And of course, where would any dick be without matching balls? Since one penis usually has two balls to go with it, it should follow to reason that three dicks should have six balls. It's basic arithmetic. Those fat balls, with clearly defined curves to signify where each individual ball is, are covered in a light pink fuzz. All together, the nutsack itself is 30 inches in diameter.\n\nFinally, as the kitsune continues to sway her body to her internal tempo, you can spot a few glimpses of the massive mound hidden behind her equally massive balls. While not gifted with the triple threat of three vaginas, she does have a humongous pussy to compensate for it. Reaching down to just below her knees and pumped enough to make it look normal, albeit much, much larger, that truly large vagina makes you think about how much abuse it can take. Or worse, how much it can dish out. ",
  "alert": "The kitsune turns toward your approaching footsteps, somehow looking both disappointed by your interruption and excited by the idea of someone coming to join her fun. You don't think you'll enjoy what she has in store for you should she win, though.",
  "lustOk": "The kitsune does a sexy dance, making an extra effort to emphasize her massive assets.",
  "lustFails": "The kitsune attempts to hug you, but you are able to get away quickly. Her ears flop down momentarily, as if saddened by your unwillingness to play with her, but her internal tempo picks up her mood again.",
  "attackOk": "The kitsune throws balls of shadowy fire toward you in rapid succession, being careful not to singe her new playtoy too badly and still maintain synchronicity with her music.",
  "attackFails": "The kitsune attempts to summon an attack, but becomes distracted by an apparent daydream of sex, as evidenced by an increase in fluids. She quickly snaps out of it and focuses back on you with renewed motivation.",
  "playerUse": "The kitsune collapses to the floor, defeated. All of a sudden, music starts playing in your head, presumably what was playing in the kitsune's head during your fight. However, the music isn't as happy or as upbeat as you thought. While it sounds energetic and happy, as you listen to it more, it takes on a more somber tone. Is this what the kitsune was trying to convey to you this entire time? That below that charming and bubbly exterior was a deeply-rooted desire for companionship? It must get pretty lonely out here, with no one to talk to and only her own music to listen to.\n\nSuddenly feeling rather sympathetic toward the poor creature, you extend a hand to help her up from her rather vulnerable position on the ground. As she accepts your offer of mercy, however, a light spark travels between you two and suddenly,[[IF [[PENIS]]]] your [[DICK DESCRIPTION]] surges to its maximum length, and then continues to grow a little longer beyond that.\n\nYou are filled with an intense desire to fuck the next thing you see until its lying in a puddle of its own fluids and yours. Sensing your desire, the kitsune presents her massive pussy to you, nearly sweeping you away with the huge amounts of pussy juice flowing from her love canal. Unable to resist such a large target, you take advantage of the situation, thrusting your straining dick into the velvety folds of the kitsune. \n\nNearly paralyzed by the feeling as her vagina begins to milk your dick, she takes command and rides you for all you're worth, being careful not to crush your pelvis too quickly. Combined with her wonderfully expert pussy and your extremely sensitive rod, you begin to cum, progressing your near-paralysis to full-blown mind-numbing pleasure. And then you black out.\n[[ELSE IF [[VAGINA]]]] your vagina begins pulsing with need, generating gallons of sticky juices as you can no longer think of anything besides those triple fuck rods that stared you in the face during your battle with the kitsune. You suddenly wish that you could take all three at once and, the kitsune sensing your desires, she rolls onto her back and motions for you to hop on.\n\nUnsure of how such massive poles of meat are ever going to fit inside your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]], the kitsune just smiles at you as you feel an increasing emptiness down below. You need that meat and you need it NOW. Hopping on top of the middle shaft as quickly as you possibly can, you slowly lower yourself onto it, being careful not to be split in two by such a massive dick.\n\nHowever, as you quickly come to realize, even as you go further and further down the large fuck stick, you aren't feeling any fuller. In fact, going down makes you feel even emptier, driving you to hilt the entire thing, even if it ended up killing you in the process. However, as the bulge in your stomach keeps growing and growing, seemingly breaking every law of reality with every passing inch, you finally make it the base of the massive human-like member.\n\nUnable (and unwilling) to move back up the stick in order to continue, the kitsune does the work for you, thrusting up into you quickly, the intense and sudden movement bringing you to the first of many orgasms that will ensue from this fuck session. As you are lost in the bliss of post-combat sex, the kitsune sneakily drives one of her other dicks into your ass, doubling the fulfilling sensation and bringing you to the legendary double orgasm, which occurs during a normal orgasm for four times the pleasure.\n\nSomehow still conscious, but legally (and temporarily) brain-dead, you barely notice the movement beneath you as the kitsune positions her last cock underneath your sopping box and pushes upward, creating a [[NAME]] sandwich with triple sausage filling. The pleasure of having all three of those monstrous dicks inside of you brings you to the brink of triple orgasm, the rarest of all pleasures, and you proceed to black out. \n[[ELSE]] your knees buckle out from under you, an intense wave of emotions passing over you. It seemed that the kitsune had one last trick up your sleeve, but your neutered self was having none of that pleasure business.\n\nInstead of having mind-altering sex or being torn limb to limb like any other genital-equipped being, you are merely pulled into a hug by the massive kitsune, tightly constricted by the large beanbags sitting on her chest. You can feel the anger, the sorrow, and the loneliness of countless years being channeled into that hug, and, [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]] understanding soul that you are, you hug her right back, trying to channel an equal amount of happiness, love, and acceptance right back into her. As well as you can from inside her cleavage, that is. [[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]] understanding what it's like being trapped between worlds, you attempt to convey compassion and reassure her that she isn't alone in this universe - and never will be, not so long as you still breathe. Which, considering how strongly she's been squeezing you, might only be a few seconds more. [[ELSE]] even though you're repulsed by everything she is, even your cold heart can't brush aside such an outpouring of emotions like this. You break down and begin to cry, suddenly feeling as if you were the one who was alone and she was the one attempting to cheer you up. \n[[ENDIF]] \n\nAfter a few tearful minutes, you two finally just fall asleep, exhausted from the fight before and the emotional outburst that followed.\n[[ENDIF]]\n\nYou wake up from your intense experience and look around. There is nothing to be seen except an empty void and no sign of the impossible-to-miss kitsune anywhere. Just as you're about to leave the area, you notice a neatly folded pink piece of paper on the ground, written in meticulously crafted handwriting and smelling vaguely of vanilla. You read the message aloud in an unexpectedly high-energy voice, as if you were being controlled by the kitsune from afar. \"I haven't had fun like that in forever! If you're ever up for it again, just swing by this part of the void again! I'm sure we'll meet up, one way or another!\" Drawn below the message is a tiny picture of you and her standing together, holding hands, and smiling.",
  "playerDefeat": "As you lie defeated on the floor, the kitsune saunters up to you with each and every body part ready to fuck you into next Tuesday. [[IF [[VAGINA]]]] Each of her three rods stands at attention, already leaking pre-cum in anticipation for the upcoming fuck session. Unable to resist as she picks you up, she unceremoniously pushes you down onto her middle cock, filling you up instantly and immediately appearing as a massive bulge in your stomach. \n\nSomehow, you aren't dead or dying from organ reorganization, likely from the small spark you received from the kitsune shortly before your impromptu impalement. Thrusting quickly and roughly, she moves you over her cock like a human onahole with an intent to turn you into a human condom. \n\nJust as you think it couldn't get any worse, she's cast another spell. Except, this time, not on you, but on herself. You can feel her get bigger and thicker every time she thrusts you down to the base of her cock. And every time she gets bigger and thicker in her middle cock, her other two grow the same. As her three cocks grow in tandem and you begin to struggle for space among the jostling meat trees, you look down toward her balls, which have begun to expand even further, to better suit her massive (and still growing) pricks. When it finally looks like her meat sticks are slowing down in their growth, the kitsune pulls a fast one and jams another one of her dicks into your vagina, resulting in a double headed bulge in your stomach bigger than your own body.\n\nReveling and suffering in the unexpected pleasure, your body is even less unprepared when, all of a sudden, four more pricks are shoved into your pussy, the kitsune having used your divided attention to double her cock count. \n\nYou've far exceeded the amount that your vagina can hold, and you can hear squeaks from your own body threatening to give way to the massive intruders that outsize you many times over. Even the kitsune's magic holding you together has its limits, and so too does her own body. \n\nWith nothing more than an ear-shattering shout to the heavens, your vagina is flooded with literal oceans of spunk - one ocean for every dick that was inside you. Despite common sense, you are rooted to each dick as it pours its load inside of you. \n\nTo your horror and the kitsune's amusement, you are forced to retain every last drop of cum that's been poured into you. Although you quickly return to your non-gaped normal size, you can still feel the massive load swishing around in your womb and (somehow) stomach. Your body is magically absorbing every excess drop of cum and storing it in some unknown location, but refuses to get rid of that overfull sensation. You suddenly feel exhaustion wash over you and you fall asleep at the amazonian kitsune's feet. [[ELSE IF [[PENIS]]]] Reaching for your vulnerable body, she uses a little magic to prepare you just the way she likes it. She begins by growing your [[DICK DESCRIPTION]] to a previously unimaginable size, extending to nearly half the size of the kitsune's full height and as wide as her muscle-packed legs. She leans backward, admiring her handiwork for a few precious seconds before leaning forward and engulfing your entire rod with her mouth. She expertly maneuvers around your penis, acting like its nothing more than a dick-flavored lollipop. \n\nUnwilling to resist such fine ministrations, you cum right down her throat and relax, under the impression that, now that your still-huge prick has gone soft, the kitsune no longer has no use for you. Unfortunately, you could not be more wrong. Using a healthy dose of magic to bring your boner back up to full mast, she positions herself above your massive rod, threatening to sit on top of you and likely break your face. \n\nHowever, she frowns at you instead, mulling over other options before casting another growth spell on you, extending your already humongous prick even further, doubling it in size. It makes sense. After all, you did see that massive vagina in your fight. A pussy that massive is going to need something equally massive to quell the fires within. Satisfied with your size now, she thrusts herself quickly onto your cock, giving you a brief shock and a vivid daydream that she might end up breaking your massive member during her descent. \n\nNo such thing happens, though it does appear that she's intent on riding your dick until its raw and the friction burns shrink your penis back to its original size. Going faster than you ever thought possible for a woman that large, that friction burn theory suddenly becomes a very real possibility. However, the threat of losing your cock to extremely violent and raw sex does nothing to curb the intense amount of pleasure you feel, each movement of her going up and down on your rigid staff feeling a million times better than any pussy you've had before. Granted, you've never nailed a 15 foot amazon before, but the kitsune seems intent on making sure you'll never be satisfied by anyone other than her ever again. As her folds suckle on your rod, you feel yourself edging closer to eruption, but, despite how much you want to cum, you just can't. It looks like that last growth spell had a little something extra in it to keep you perky until she was done. \n\nAfter an agonizing half an hour, full of repeated and unheard pleas for release, you finally feel the spell break its hold on you as the kitsune orgasmed for the umpteenth time in that session. You unload oceans into her cavernous vagina, and yet still her ginormous pussy refuses to give up any of its hard-earned rewards, letting nary a drop of seed go to waste. Exhausted from the mental and physical torture, you black out. [[ELSE]] Disappointed in your lack of genitals, the kitsune takes a few moments to figure out a suitable punishment for you, mulling over several torturous punishments for getting her all excited and then dashing her hopes at the very end. \n\nFinally, she settles on a method of pleasuring herself at your expense. First grabbing you firmly in her fist, she then proceeds to shove you into her cavernous pussy like a makeshift dildo, making sure that you hit every pleasure center on your way up to the main one. \n\nShoving you in as far as she can, she cries out in pleasure, a veritable flood threatening to drown you in her liquid pleasure. \n\nLuckily for you, she just barely remembered to pull you out in time. However, your punishment doesn't end here. Grinning deviously, she begins to lower you, feet first, into her middle cock, the massive member reaching such high temperatures that you would be sweating  from pure heat if you weren't already covered head to toe in pussy juices. Of course, previously mentioned pussy juices make your travel down her cock and into her balls much, much smoother. As the tunnel gets smaller and smaller, you can hear the kitsune's moans of pleasure from outside. Each throb of her cock stops your progress, but also progressively increases the kitsune's pleasure. \n\nFinally, you reach the caverns that are her balls, filled up about halfway, to better give yourself a more relaxing place to stay for the duration of your visit. Granted, the so-called baths aren't designed to get you clean, but they sure as hell make you relaxed. You feel like you should be worried about being dissolved or something like that, but something about being so close to the heady smell of cum that belongs to such a foxy character only dissolves your fear instead of your body.\n\nOver the next few minutes, her balls fill with more and more of the wonderfully potent spunk that makes you feel closer to your host, and you know that she's really close to cumming. All of a sudden, you can't wait to be blasted out along with all the seed she's been storing up for who knows how long and you can't wait to bring such pleasure to your mistre- wait. What has this cum done to your brain? Why can you only think of the kitsune as your mistress? Why do you wish only to bring pleasure to her like no one else can? Just a few minutes ago, you were fighting against her! But before you can reason through any of those questions, you hear a loud, blissful roar from outside. You shoot up through the canals of the kitsune's dick and fired high into the sky, only to fall down in a puddle of the same cum that went with you. You wipe your eyes to look back at the kitsune, locked in a blissful stance, still shooting rope after rope of hot, sticky cum at your face. \n\nExhausted from your ordeal, slightly happy that you managed to pleasure your mistress to such a high degree, and just plain tired from all this mind-bending stuff, you fall asleep where you lay, in the middle of a giant, and slowly increasing, puddle of cum. [[ENDIF]]\n\nYou wake up several hours later, with the lingering taste of the kitsune on your tongue and generally feeling sore all over. Thinking of the kitsune, you look around, but find no evidence of her anywhere. Not quite sure how you feel about such an encounter, you dust off your somehow-clean clothes and prepare to see what other adventures this place offers.",
  "config": {
    "escapeChance": 0.05,
    "hp": 200,
    "lustMax": 300,
    "meleeAttackPlayerDamage": 4,
    "meleeAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.96,
    "lustAttackPlayerDamage": 15,
    "lustAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.9500000000000001,
    "lustAttackChance": 0.4,
    "meleeAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.8,
    "lustAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.25
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerVictory": true,
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerDefeat": true