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A harsh desert in The Underworld

Requires the Thorntan's Cloths to Access.




Speak with Swick

Get a Mount

Make your way to the first camp

Talk with Hanako then make your way to next camp repeat till she trusts you enough to let you off the stake.

Look around camp for Key, Port, and any other goodies, Check the crates its all RNG.

Talk to mark and steal his tablet.

Get Humanify syringe from the crate in Dinoain pen using the Key

Give port to Hanako then search for the code to unlock your bindings

Find Locket in Straw at the outpost just keep checking it till you find the locket.

RIde back out to Desert and get to the next Camp.

GIve Felicity locket She will then let you out of your bindings 80 acceptance and below to get out of them

Use Humanify syringe

Show Hanako the videos on marks tablet.

Ride to outpost overlook to unlock fast travel and then return to VciV HQ in Haven

(Note - there are other ways to beat this chapter too, with different endings. Try to find them all!)