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Version notes:

  • In versions before r25, clothing is treated as just an Entity and has none of the special functions below.
  • In versions r25 and after:
    • Clothing items have all the normal Entity functions, plus the below Clothing-specific functions.
    • Additionally, the .type of clothing objects are 'Clothing' instead of 'Entity'

Public Methods

Note that a Clothing object supports all non-static methods that Entity supports!

boolean isVulnerableToMasculineTheft()

If true, this item can be lost in situations where masculine clothes are lost.

boolean isConcealableClothing()

If true, this item can conceal a TF in the slot it is in (this is most clothing items).

void soakWithCum()

Make this clothing cum-soaked. Currently just a description, but in future may have additional effects (exposure, lust, etc)

string getSlot()

String name of slot this clothing occupies.