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An Aquarium in The Overworld

Requires the




Check-in on Krista

Get access to Aquarium

Talk to the Mermaid inside to get code to the staff area

Grab Remote on way into Staff area

Have fun with the mermaid swarm

Take Mermaid Dawn up on her offer or just talk to her

Use remote to turn off bubble fence

Sing to the Couple

Wait for Mermaid Swarm and then trap them using Remote

Use the Secret Signal on the guard

Meet up with the guard and go become human.

Travel Back to the aquarium and find a whale

Find the Storeroom key

Do some whale shows to lose weight

  • Time the whale enemy's sleeps to get your weight as low as possible.
  • If your weight is very high, you might do whale shows, let him up your weight a bit, then do whale shows again until just before he wakes up.

Get out of the water and hit the tread mill

Until Winona comments on your activity

Do some more whale shows

Get out use treadmill

Keep up this cycle until you get the diet pills to help out


Winona won't give you diet pills until she pities you. You have to use the treadmill and also get caught once due to weight increase.

Use Clothing to hide yourself

Find something to transform you into something can talk

Become human again

lose the rest of the weight

Grab Shark Pheromone Emitter

Find a shark and drop Pheromone Emitter

Beat on shark

Beat on Octomaid

find exit.