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Represents a particular transformation the player can undergo.

Public Static Methods

static Map getSpecies(string speciesName)

Gets species object from species name (ID string). Returns null if species with that name can not be found.

Public Methods

string getID()

Gets species name (ID) of this TF

void causeTF()

Causes one step of this transformation to be applied to the player. Text will be output to screen.

int countPlayerPartsOfThisType()

Returns the number of body parts transformed into this species type

int getSeverityTFed(BodyPart bodyPart)

Gets how severly the player is transformed to THIS type of species for this body part.

IE, a fox tf would return 0 if the player is a level 0 human, or a level 1 cat, because they're not at all fox tf'ed.

bool getIsFullyTransformed()

If player is as transformed into this species as they possibly can be. If not, causeTF() should cause the player to be TF'ed further.

string getBodyPartDescription(BodyPart bodyPart, int severity)

Get a text description for what a body part at a given severity of transformation looks like.

Note that it is usually just easier to use text parsing variables if you're describing the player at their current state.

bool hasAlternateVoice()

With a non-human voice, players will have difficulty communicating with humans. (False for normal english speech)

string getAlternateVocal()

If the player has a non-human voice, what kind of noise do they make when trying to communicate?