Modding Status

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The modding system is being ported over to the new engine. Here's a guide of what mod features have been implemented as of r45.

Overall Features Status

Currently implemented:

  • Simple monster mods (like SCLab creates)
  • Wyvern TF
  • Advanced Monster Mods (including Wyvern doms)
  • Entities
  • Clothing
  • Maps
  • Custom species / transformation mods

Currently not implemented:

  • A few uncommonly used LUA features:
    • Metatables
    • Mod <-> Mod communication

Specific Mod Status

Monster Mods
Monster Status
Wolf Girl
CrotchHugger ✅ r45
Bolstered Dragon Disciple
Wyvern Male ✅ r44
Wyvern Shemale (new variant) ✅ r44
Sample: Monster Advanced Example ✅ r44
Male Spider
Potent Dragon Servant
Pig King
Clothing Mods
Clothing Status
Weight Pendant ✅ r44
Slacks ✅ r44
Map Mods
Map Status
Spider Dungeon ✅ r44

Species/Transformation Mods
Map Status
Wolf TF ✅ r45
Giraffe TF ✅ r45
Pig TF ✅ r45
Crotchhugger TF ✅ r45

(I haven't had time to test every mod yet -- feel free to expand this status list :))

All mods are planned to be working again in future.