Potent Dragon Servant

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Note - this monster is a modification for The Underworld. Visit the new Mods Portal for more mods, mods on the wiki are no longer maintained. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms and browse to this mod or copy/paste the JSON below into the program window.

Monster Details

Made by Saint

Potent Dragon Servants have the unfortunate pleasure of increased libido and virility, at the cost of some size. A few of them become rather sadistic because of their constant need, and often take it out on others.

Monster Code

  "type": "MONSTER",
  "name": "Potent Dragon Servant",
  "description": "This Dragon Servant seems very agitated... There is a potent scent coming from it[[IF [[VAGINA]]]], wetting your crotch at every inhale[[ENDIF]].",
  "alert": "The Potent Dragon Servant sniffs the air until its gaze sets upon you. Relief washes over its face, and it approaches with open arms. \"My Queen!\" It says in its soft voice, \"I'm so glad to see you have returned! Quickly, let us bring you to your breeding chamber so that we may increase our numbers.\"\n\n\"Dammit.\" You growl, glaring at the scaled beast. You look below its breast-adorned chest to see its skirt tenting upward. And just below that, a set of large balls shine softly in the exposure to light. [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]You can't help but imagine being filled by this potent display of virility. It is your duty as the Dragon Queen after all, right?\n\n\"You like what you see?\" The Servant smiles, happy to be of service to their queen.[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]You blush intensely and step back as the Servant approaches, unsure how to continue.\n\n\"Don't be afraid, Your Majesty. I'm gentle, promise!\"[[ELSE]]You glare intensely at the beast before you, stepping back and attempting to turn away.\n\n\"Don't deny me.\" The Servant said, becoming increasingly more agitated, \"I was designed to breed you. I NEED you. And you need me. You can't deny your role as a breeding bitch!\"[[ENDIF]]",
  "lustOk": "The Potent Dragon Servant releases pheromones, enticing you to come closer.",
  "lustFails": "The Potent Dragon Servant stamps the ground in frustration after failing to coax you closer with promises of healthy eggs.",
  "attackOk": "The Potent Dragon Servant scratches weakly at you.",
  "attackFails": "The Potent Dragon Servant almost hits your [[BELLY DESCRIPTION]], but pulls back with timid apologies.",
  "playerUse": "The Servant collapses to all fours with a sob. \"Please, Your Majesty... I need you, so much.\"\n[[IF [[IS TORSO DRAGONQUEEN]]]]\n[[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]You look upon the Servant with a burning lust in your [[EYES DESCRIPTION]]. And despite your obvious victory in this battle, you sit before the Servant and open your legs.\n\nThey look up with confusion and wonder, then slowly become excited. \"Oh! Oh thank you!\" They cry out, approaching and kissing your [[BELLY DESCRIPTION]]. \"You won't regret a single moment.\" They breathe into your belly, clambering over you and swiftly penetrating your needy [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. You both begin to moan quickly, and before you know it you're being filled with the Servant's seed. This continues for a long while, even after you yourself have had your end. You slowly begin to like it, but in the end you pull the eager Servant off.\n[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]You gently kneel before the Servant with an open paw. \"Shh. I'm sorry, but I'm not your Queen. Though, I can give you what you need.\" You kiss the Servant's nose, pulling them close. You're too much in heat to deny a needy dragon, besides... What's the worst that could happen? More eggs?\n\nYou pull the servant up onto their knees, straddling their hips and lowering yourself onto their crotch. The excited and relieved beast quickly has you ride their cock until you are sated.[[ELSE]]With a growl and intense, uncaring eyes, you pull the Servant's head up by its horns and stuff its muzzle into your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. \"Lick.\" You command it, and unable to fight or deny you, the little Servant scrapes its tongue along your needy slit. You moan and grasp at the horns tightly, bliss sending shivers up and down your spine until you release juices along its snout. With your satiation, you push the beast aside and continue on your way.[[ENDIF]]\n[[ENDIF]]",
  "playerDefeat": "\"You've denied me long enough!\" The Potent Dragon Servant exclaims.\n\n[[IF [[IS TORSO DRAGONQUEEN]]]]\nYou are almost instantly overwhelmed by the Servant's need. The pheromones are too strong, and quickly subdue any thought of escape. As you are lulled into a daze, the Potent Dragon Servant approaches with its lustful and tense gaze.\n\nAnd though it seems to need you, it stops. \"I want to hear it. After fighting me for so long, I want to hear you say it.\" It hisses, \"What are you?\"\n\nYou blink and try not to let your gaze fall to its erect piece, \"What?\" You squeak, sounding much like a small moan. The beast hisses again and pounces you, holding both of your paws down to the ground. \"You're the breeding bitch.\" It growls, rubbing its ultrasensitive cock against your soft lower lips. \"You don't get to think, or fight. You're meant to take seed and lay eggs. So say it! What are you!?\"\n\nYour lips tremble as its tip teases at your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. Your body screams for this attention, and despite what you were... You couldn't deny it. Your mind swam in the arousing pheromones, you couldn't care anymore... \"I'm the breeding bitch.\" You breathe out. And with that, your slit was filled. It was good, it felt so good. \"I'm the breeding bitch.\" You repeat, your mind in a loop now that the Servant had you. After what felt like hours, you feel the beast cum inside you, filling you nigh endlessly.\n\n\"You're coming back to the breeding chamber.\" The Servant growls, \"You're meant to be bred and filled with eggs. No more fighting.\"\n\n===\nYou wake up in a bed, your head in a daze. Was... That a dream?\n[[ENDIF]]",
  "config": {
    "escapeChance": 0.14,
    "hp": 30,
    "lustMax": 50,
    "meleeAttackPlayerDamage": 2,
    "meleeAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.13,
    "lustAttackPlayerDamage": 35,
    "lustAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.56,
    "lustAttackChance": 0.66,
    "meleeAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.87,
    "lustAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.66
  "defeatTf": {
    "tfTime": "The potent dragon servant transforms you a little bit.",
    "tfTotal": "The potent dragon servant has finished transforming you.",
    "tfEscapeFailure": "You didn't escape from the potent dragon servant.",
    "tfEscapeSuccess": "You escape from the potent dragon servant!",
    "tfAccept": "You relax your body, giving into the monster for now...",
    "bodyType": "DragonQueen"
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerVictory": false,
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerDefeat": true