Pig King

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Note - this monster is a modification for The Underworld. Visit the new Mods Portal for more mods, mods on the wiki are no longer maintained. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms and browse to this mod or copy/paste the JSON below into the program window.

Monster Details

The Pig King resides in a temple to the gods of Gluttony, Sloth, and Lust. He is always ready to turn other creatures into his willing milky sows. If you wish for him to turn you into Pig form, please also install the Pig TF mod with version r25+.

Author: Luxious


The Pig King is a strong opponent, and will not yield easily to physical attacks. Be careful not to be drawn in by the temptation of his hedonistic ways.

Monster Code

  "type": "MONSTER",
  "name": "Pig King",
  "id": "Pig King",
  "description": "This towering behemoth before you is a cross between a gluttonous pig and a grossly obese human being. His naked form is nothing more than a collection of folds and rolls. Two beady eyes rest above a large snout, covered in remnants of the feast lying throughout the room. A collection of chins flows down onto his chest, massive for a male such as he. Most of his for is taken up by the largest belly you have ever seen. Just below his titanic gut, squeezed between his tree trunk thighs, you can just make out the tip of his massive cock, drooling a thick stream of precum on the stone tile.",
  "alert": "The pig king lets out a massive belch, noticing your approach.",
  "lustOk": "The pig king slaps his belly, sending a wet \"smack\" through the air. You feel your arousal building as you watch the impact ripple through his blubber.",
  "lustFails": "The pig king shakes his massive belly, but you manage to look away.",
  "attackOk": "The pig king lets out a thunderous belch, throwing you back against the wall.",
  "attackFails": "The pig king sends his grappling hook at you, you dodge it swiftly.",
  "playerUse": "The pig king slumps onto the floor with a heavy thud. You watch as his many folds shake from the impact. As you approach him, you hear a loud rumbling in his gargantuan gut. \"Oh, a little hungry are we, big guy?\" you muse as you approach his face. [[IF [[PENIS]]]]You slide your [[DICK DESCRIPTION]] into his eagerly waiting mouth. You can tell just how hungry he is based on how desperately he is sucking on your throbbing member. [[ELSE]] You straddle the pig man's fat face with your [[LEGS DESCRIPTION]] grinding your wet [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]] into his snout. You can sense his hunger as he eagerly eats you out, grunting the whole time. [[ENDIF]] Soon you climax, filling his waiting mouth with your juices which he gulps down ravenously. The pig lets out a small belch as he guzzles down the last drop before collapsing into a pile of bloated ecstasy resting in a pool of his own cum.",
  "playerDefeat": " You watch as the massive hog slaps his belly in triump. \"Mmmm, looks like it's snack time!\" the Pig King snorts as he begins to lumber over to your prostrate form. You can feel the ground shake as he approaches, each step sending waves through his massive girth. The sound of his heavy breathing echoes throughout the temple as he lumbers overtop of you. The massive hog pins your body to the ground beneath his squishy blubber. Despite the roundness of his stomach, it is surprisingly soft. [[IF [[LACTATING]]]] The massive hog’s attention is suddenly brought to the scent of milk emanating from your body. “Mmm, nothing like getting milk fresh from the source!” he grunts, reaching a hand down to your leaky teat. Soon you feel him lower his greedy maw down, suckling your milk stores. You moan in ecstasy, rubbing your [[HANDS DESCRIPTION]] all over his massive belly. When he finally gulps down the last bit of your sweet milk, he looks up “Heh, the fun’s just -URP- getting started!” [[ENDIF]]You can feel the warmth from his dripping cock slowly approaching your [[IF [[VAGINA]]]][[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. You can feel his sticky pre slowly dripping onto your exposed labia. You struggle to get away, but his mound of belly fat has you stuck in place. Suddenly you feel his fat cock slowly pushing into your lubed-up pussy. You can’t help but add your moans of pleasure to his grunts already bouncing off the walls of the room. [[ELSE]]mouth. [[ENDIF]]You try to struggle to get away, but his mountainous belly flesh has you secured in place. Slowly, his greasy cock slides into your open mouth, forcing you to gulp down sticky precum as he slowly grinds against you.\n",
  "config": {
    "escapeChance": 0.75,
    "hp": 10,
    "lustMax": 5,
    "meleeAttackPlayerDamage": 3,
    "meleeAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.75,
    "lustAttackPlayerDamage": 15,
    "lustAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.75,
    "lustAttackChance": 0.75,
    "meleeAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.95,
    "lustAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.95
  "defeatTf": {
    "tfTime": "With each eruption of sticky porcine seed, you feel your body changing...",
    "tfTotal": "As the last jet of hot cum bursts from the pig king's member, you feel your own climax wash over you. The hog pulls his member from you with a loud “GLORP” and collapses with a heavy thud. No longer hidden under his blubber you survey your new body. An audible “SNORK” exits your mouth, which has now turned into a pig’s snout as you realize that you are now a massive sow. Your body, like his, has become incredibly fat. You look down to see your [[BREAST DESCRIPTION]] lying heavily against your huge apron of a belly. You look at the behemoth lying next to you and suddenly you feel [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]] excited by the thought of him growing ever fatter by guzzling down your milk, as you become the breeding sow for a whole sty of pigs [[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]] a desire to feed your new mate [[ELSE]] horrified at what you’ve become. [[ENDIF]] You realize that it’s going to be terribly hard to find clothes that fit at your currently massive size. It takes all you can do just to haul yourself up off the temple floor.",
    "tfEscapeFailure": "You struggle to break free, but the pig king's massively obese body keeps you pinned in place.",
    "tfEscapeSuccess": "You manage to slide out from below the pig king's sweaty flab.",
    "tfAccept": "[[IF [[VAGINA]]]] You let out an oink of delight as you accept your piggy fate [[ELSE]] A massive fart escapes your bowels as you give into your new piggish desires. [[ENDIF]]",
    "bodyType": "Pig TF"
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerVictory": false,
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerDefeat": true