Male Spider

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Note - this monster is a modification for The Underworld. Visit the new Mods Portal for more mods, mods on the wiki are no longer maintained. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms and browse to this mod or copy/paste the JSON below into the program window.

Monster Details

The male spider rests on his web, waiting for unwary prey to get stuck in it. He talks a big game, but what he really wants is a female spider... even if he has to make one.

Author: SkyCorp

For a custom map featuring this enemy, try the Spider Dungeon.


The male spider is a tough opponent. A level 3 player with full health & empty lust can usually take him on, but any status effects (eggs, heat, etc) will tip the balance in his favor. It's very difficult to get out of his web, so arrive fully prepared unless you want to become his mate!

Monster Code

  "type": "MONSTER",
  "name": "Male Spider",
  "id": "Male Spider",
  "description": "This dark black creature is a cross between a man and a spider.  His head is adorned with short black hair and appears quite human, except for a set of fangs.  The torso is accentuated with a pronounced set of abs and pecs.  His form becomes much more spider-like around his back, which is a hardened carapace-like shell.  Eight arms/legs allow him to move quickly around his web, despite hefting his large, bulbous opisthosoma-butt.  He wields a monstrously large twenty-inch penis, necessarily sized to ensure he's able to impregnate the large females of his species.",
  "alert": "As your foot touches the male spider's web, he looks up from the vibration.  He spots you and smiles, showing off his fangs.  \"What do we have here?  Dinner?\"\n\nYou try to lift your [[FEET DESCRIPTION]] from his web, but they're stuck fast.\n\n\"Hmm... no, I think you'd make a better dessert,\" he says with a knowing smirk while moving toward you.",
  "lustOk": "The spider morph gestures toward his monstrous, twenty inch dick.  You catch yourself unintentionally licking your lips.",
  "lustFails": "The spider morph gestures toward his dick, but you maintain your focus.",
  "attackOk": "The spider swipes one of his claw tipped arms at you, drawing blood.",
  "attackFails": "You manage to free one of your legs enough to dodge an incoming swipe from the spider, but you're still caught firmly in his web.",
  "playerUse": "Your opponent collapses onto his web in defeat.  His eight spider legs are too weary to even carry his weight.  He lies face down for a few moments before craning his neck up to see you.\n\n\"Impossible...,\" he mutters, \"no one escapes my web.\"\n\n\"Don't worry, I'm still going to let you eat me.\"\n\n[[IF [[IS LBACK_ATTACH SPIDER]]]]You reposition your body using your [[LEGS DESCRIPTION]] so your [[BUTT DESCRIPTION]] is close to his face.  You wait, and not feeling anything, you turn to look back at him past your opisthosoma-butt.  He sighs as he submits to your stern look.\n\nHis head travels beneath it and locates your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]].  You emit a quiet moan of pleasure as the anthro spider's tongue probes your depths and laps up your moisture.  He works his tongue to massage your clit, stimulating it intensely.  \"Aaah,\" you moan effeminately.  [[IF [[BREASTS]]]]You massage your [[BREAST DESCRIPTION]] to further heighten your pleasure.  [[ENDIF]]The sensations overwhelm you in wanton desire.[[ELSE]][[IF [[WEARING LEGS]]]]You quickly remove your [[PANTS DESCRIPTION]].  [[ENDIF]]You kneel down, straddling his face with your [[LEGS DESCRIPTION]].\n\n[[IF [[HAS ARMS]]]]The spider morph tries to move away, but your [[HANDS DESCRIPTION]] shove his face into your crotch.  [[ENDIF]]He tries to protest, but you apply just enough pressure until he's forced to open his mouth for air.\n\n[[IF [[PENIS]]]]As he does, you thrust your [[DICK DESCRIPTION]] into his mouth.  He struggles, but as you release the pressure and he's able to breath again, he accepts his fate.  You force yourself in and out, over and over.  Hot cum fills his mouth and dribbles down his chin as you quickly achieve climax.[[ELSE]]He gasps, and you release your grip slightly.  He seems to resign himself to his position and goes to work on your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]].  The anthro spider's tongue probes your depths and laps up your moisture.  You quickly reach your climax.[[ENDIF]][[ENDIF]]",
  "playerDefeat": "The final blow from the spider sends you sprawling onto your stomach.  You struggle, but you only manage to bind yourself further in his web.\n\nHe watches you for a moment, until you finally give up the struggle.  \"Fine,\" you spit, \"get it over with.  Eat me already.\"\n\n\"It's you who will be doing the eating tonight.\"  The hybrid creature crawls over you, and you can feel his chiseled chest brush past your back as he orients himself before spinning around.\n\n\"What are-- mmph!,\" you start to say, but your objections are cut short by the tip of his member suddenly entering your mouth.  [[IF [[HAS ARMS]]]]You try to push him away, but your [[HANDS DESCRIPTION]] are so thoroughly lassoed in the web you can't move them even an inch.  [[ENDIF]]You try to pivot your head away, but you can only look slightly in any given direction.\n\n\"You know, it gets pretty lonely hanging around in this web all day.  I could do with a mate... good thing spider cum is very transformative.\"",
  "config": {
    "escapeChance": 0.1,
    "hp": 100,
    "lustMax": 100,
    "meleeAttackPlayerDamage": 13,
    "meleeAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.75,
    "lustAttackPlayerDamage": 10,
    "lustAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.9,
    "lustAttackChance": 0.8,
    "meleeAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.76,
    "lustAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.75
  "defeatTf": {
    "tfTime": "As the latest batch of his fluid travels down your stomach, you can feel it being absorbed into your body, changing you.",
    "tfTotal": "His dick slides out of your [[MOUTH DESCRIPTION]].  You sputter to try to clear the taste as a strand of pre droops down between your face and his dick.  \"Ppfat.  Ppfft.\"\n\n\"He's not going to finish?,\" you wonder at his intent as he crawls over you.\n\nYou're glad for the reprieve, and take a moment to inspect your new proportions.  As you attempt to stand, you realize you're much shorter due to how you now crawl on spider legs instead of walking upright.  Thanks to the new horizontal orientation, your chest and head are much closer to the ground.  Your breasts hang below you, and brush against the silky web.  But most noticeably, your butt has evolved into something else entirely.  You groan as you realize you're going to have to heft around a gargantuanly huge, bulbous opisthosoma-butt everywhere with you.\n\n\"My butt is even more massive than yours,\" you bemoan.\n\n\"You're the one who has to carry hundreds of eggs,\" the spider morph says casually as he moves somewhere behind your butt.  Its size blocks your vision.  You can't see exactly what he's doing, but you can feel him crawling up the side of it, sending you back to the ground under his weight.\n\n\"Eggs?,\" you start, but immediately understand as you feel, rather than see, his huge twenty inch monster cock enter your moist vagina.  Due to your extended proportions, you don't have a good vantage point of his work, but you can certainly feel it.\n\nYou try to crawl away from the violation, but he grabs onto your butt with his eight arms and begins thrusting in earnest.  You attempt to heft yourself using your own eight arms, but as the pleasure begins to take you, your arms lose steam.  Your new female spider self's biological need to become impregnated has overridden your own higher level functions, as you begin to enjoy the mating.\n\n\"Oooh,\" you moan in a sultry, effeminate tone as his member thrusts again in your folds.  Was that your voice?  You enjoy the sensation of his chiseled chest pressing against your expansive butt as he takes you from behind.  \"Yes!\" you exclaim, now desiring to be mated to him.  Somehow, you want his seed.  You even want to carry hundreds of his children, if you're lucky.  \"Make me yours-- aah,\" you beg unnecessarily.\n\n\"Good girl.  Usually it takes them-- oooh-- longer to realize they need my help.  You can't reach your pussy anymore, so-- urgh-- you're going to need someone else to get you off.\"\n\n\"Ugh, how are you even fitting all that in there,\" you wonder at the sensation of being filled with twenty inches of cock.\n\n\"Female spiders have a huge reproductive system.  Thanks to your gaping vagina, you'll prefer laying with your own kind instead of those puny human men.\"\n\n[[IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]\"Mmm, monster dick\", you say hungrily.  You don't even mind that you can't pleasure yourself anymore... you're sure you'll always be able to find a willing cock.  Although, thinking of the practicalities of having so much sex...[[ELSE]]If the idea of being fucked by a spider wasn't already offensive to your sensibilities, the idea that you'd want to actively go out seeking monster dick of your own volition is far worse.  But as you feel his member's stupendous mass being driven into you like a pile driver, you feel shame in its truth.  You're actually enjoying this experience more than anything you had felt as a human.  You don't even mind that you can't pleasure yourself anymore... you're sure you'll always be able to find a willing dick.  Although, thinking of the practicalities of having so much sex...[[ENDIF]]\n\n\"But that means-- aah-- anytime I need to blow off steam, I'll probably get...\"\n\n\"Pregnant.  And spider pregnancy-- ooh-- basically makes you into a lumbering cum dump.  You'll be lucky-- ugh-- if you can even move, especially with large breasts.\"\n\n\"Shut up and-- ah--- finish me,\" you plead needily.\n\n\"I'm gonna make you so pregnant-- argh-- you'll be stuck laying eggs for weeks.  You're just gonna be ugh-- a slutty spider bitch, always seeking out dick from anyone to-- urgh-- satisfy her needs\"\n\n\"Give it to me!  aah!  Make me fucking huge!\"\n\nSome small internal voice questions your new motivations, but is silenced as you feel him cum inside you.  You climax as your womb is drenched in his juices.  You fervently hope you'll be round with eggs soon.\n\nA quiet falls, and you realize he's fallen asleep on top of you.  You roll your eyes, \"a real romancer, this guy.\"\n\nPinned as you are underneath him and still impaled by his cock, you consider taking a short nap of your own.  You try to shuffle a bit, and though you can't quite wrench yourself free, the sensations of his still erect cock inside you turns you on all over again.\n\nThis time, you shove your opisthosoma-butt against him.  \"Aaah!,\" you exclaim in delight.  You might be stuck on his monster dick, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.  You push forward and back, grinding against him.  \"Yes!  Give me more of your cum!\"  The sensations are just as good as before, and you quickly climax a second time.  You're a bit disappointed not to be rewarded with more of his batter.  Instead, you hear something snap as your vigorous motions cause the silk bindings to break.  Both spiders fall to the ground.\n\nYour partner, still overwhelmed from his earlier efforts, doesn't even wake up as you crawl off his twenty inch rod with a notable \"plorp.\"  As you crawl away on your spider legs, your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]] leaves a small trail of cum and silk -- looks like he filled you up good.  You move to tidy your private area, but true to his earlier comment, your arms are not nearly long enough to reach your vagina's new position.  Plus, the huge size of your massive opisthosoma-butt ensures you won't be able to find clothes to cover it.  [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]You smile, happy to be forced to show off your wrecked vagina to anyone who sees you.[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]You shrug, not entirely happy to be forced to show off your wrecked vagina to anyone who sees you.[[ELSE]]You feel mortified that you're effectively forced to show off your wrecked vagina to anyone who sees you.[[ENDIF]]",
    "tfEscapeFailure": "You struggle against the invasion, trying to escape the sticky web.  The spider morph just chuckles and pushes his muscled chest against the top of your head, getting you even more entangled.  He thrusts again, harder this time, and fills your mouth with pre.",
    "tfEscapeSuccess": "As you struggle, you hear a snap in the web.  The silk comes apart and dumps you on the ground.  You're free at last!\n\nYour attacker also tumbles, but a rough landing knocks him out for the time being.",
    "tfAccept": "You lie still as the anthro spider thrusts his huge member into your mouth.  Sandwiched as you are, your vision is limited to the web below you, and above you the underside of his large, bulbous opisthosoma-butt.  The long spider legs are almost like an organic cage around you.  His pre fills your mouth.  Some dribbles down your [[MOUTH DESCRIPTION]], but most of it you're inadvertently swallowing.",
    "bodyType": 12
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerVictory": false,
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerDefeat": true