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This Article was developed by me, PhantomSaint or PhantomSt. Another subscriber of the app.

To install on to Android, be sure you have deleted the Public build entirely and have the latest system update.

1. Go to your phone Settings and select Apps & Notifications.

  a. Scroll until you see Special Access.
  b. Scroll until you see Usage Access.
  c. select the browser you are using, preferably Google, and turn on its permission.

WARNING: Turning this function on while downloading other 3rd Party apps will compromise your phone and security. The Underworld is safe, and most trusted, put my word for it.

2. Make sure you have bought either the Private Build or WIP Build. If you have purchased a pass on Patreon make sure to link your SkyCorp and Patreon accounts. Double check to see if its the same email you used!

  a. Log in to your SkyCorp account via "Researcher Login" and input your username and password.
  b. Select the most recent (top) .apk build file, if you have view the "Materials" tab, the difference between the .swl and .apk is that .swl is for laptops and .apk is for android.
  c. Press and hold the link and a Option command box appears: Select Download Link.
  d. Go to your phone's Settings once more and scroll to Storage. Scroll to files while in the Storage section and tap that as well.
  e. Make sure to sort your files by Modified and then Ascending (up arrow) allowing an easy find. (As long you haven't downloaded anything else)
  f. Press and hold on the 9cloud file and select Install.
  g. Tap install again to confirm your selection.

Other Warnings: - Please note that sending a download link to someone who has not paid for the game will ban your account.

Congrats, you have installed The Underworld. Enjoy the bonuses, extended story, and the Debug Box (play the game to understand the secrets of the box"). And make sure you drop on by Discord after you receive the email with the invite link. The friendly (yet most oddball'd, love you guys XD) community is sure to welcome everyone; additionally and a great pastime to chat with the creator while the future chapters are in development.

iOS users, please be patient while the creator balances workload and life, for now, install the game to your laptop via .swf files as stated previously.