Dick Size Increaser

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Note - this entity is a modification for The Underworld. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Monster Control Panel in the debug rooms. The debug rooms are accessed via the Debug Box, an item available to all Private Build Backers which is located in the first room you spawn in (Ex's Apartment).

Entity Details

This entity is intended for example purposes to demonstrate an object that can be used and affects the player. Using this object will increase the cock size of the player.

Author: SkyCorp

Entity JSON Code

	"type": "ENTITY",
		"literalString" : "Dick Size Increaser"
		"literalString": "An object that enhances your cock, intended as an example for scripting."
		"literalBoolean": true
		"programBoolean": true

LUA Source Code

function doUse()

   -- Write to the screen.
   io.write("Changing player\n");

   -- Get the instance of the Player class and store it in variable 'player'
   player = Player.getInstance();

   -- An example of accessing a player property and displaying it.  Note that
   -- usually it would be easier to just use the text parser for something this
   -- simple, however this demonstrates accessing the player object.
   io.write("You look down at your " .. player.getDickSizeString() .. ".  ");

   -- Transforms player's dick to be larger.  This version of the function will 
   -- output text to the screen, but other silent versions are available.

   -- Display the property again now just for testing purposes to show that the 
   -- player has changed.
   io.write("It now looks like a " .. player.getDickSizeString() .. ".\n");

   -- For the use() function, returning true will cause a continue scene to be
   -- displayed next.  In other words, processing will paused and a "Continue.."
   -- button will be displayed.  If you want to manage the scene transition yourself
   -- or display custom buttons, you would need to set those up and return false,
   -- however, that is rare.
   return true;