Bolstered Dragon Disciple

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Note - this monster is a modification for The Underworld. Visit the new Mods Portal for more mods, mods on the wiki are no longer maintained. You can put it in-game by visiting the Debug Mod Control Panel in the debug rooms and browse to this mod or copy/paste the JSON below into the program window.

Monster Details

Made by Saint

Like its brothers and sisters, the Bolstered Dragon Disciple is born and raised in the Dragon Temple. Disciples are often put to menial tasks, such as cleaning or guarding, and do not have as many chances to breed as the Servants do.

(The Dragon Disciple was lost a bit ago, but I might remake it when I have the patience to write it out. So the reference to it in this monster's description will be kept.)

Monster Code

  "type": "MONSTER",
  "name": "Bolstered Dragon Disciple",
  "description": "A Bolstered Dragon Disciple, larger than but similar to the Dragon Disciple in appearance. His toned muscles twitch with raw power, surely very intimidating.",
  "alert": "The Disciple's attention snaps to you as you approach. He seems confused by your presence, but soon recognizes your appearance.\n\n\"Your Majesty,\" He bows, his softer voice juxtaposing his large appearance. \"Forgive me for questioning, but aren't you needed in the breeding chamber, My Queen?\"\n\nYou glare at him with sharp eyes, \"I am NOT your Qu-\" He approaches, overshadowing you and quieting that outburst.",
  "lustOk": "Scaled claws pull your hips, pulling you closer to the Disciple. He squeezes your [[BUTT DESCRIPTION]]. \"Come, I shall bring you to the breeding chamber.\"",
  "lustFails": "The Bolstered Dragon Disciple attempts to pull you close, but you back away before his claws can grip you.",
  "attackOk": "A scaled paw strikes your cheek in a strong backhand. \"I'm sorry, Your Majesty,\"",
  "attackFails": "You step away before the Disciple's incoming attack could strike you. ",
  "playerUse": "The Bolstered Dragon Disciple steps away, his breath caught and his cheeks red with embarrassment and shame. You've proven overpowering to him, so he kneels before you.\n\n[[IF [[IS TORSO DRAGONQUEEN]]]]\"My Queen, I...\" He's speechless. Despite being physically superior, he could not subdue you.\n\nYou look over him with an amount of pity. It wasn't his fault you've been put into this situation. Suddenly you feel a deep pit in your chest. The combination of this uncontrollable heat and emotion sends you into a fit of need.\n\nYou pull the Disciple's muzzle up, pushing yours on to his lips. He understands what you need, and you need to be bred. He sheds his loincloth to reveal his already excited member, large and ready. [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]You smile and gently rub against the spire, causing him to rumble in delight[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]A part of you reels back, but the rest of you craves the sight.[[ELSE]]You find it disgusting, but... A necessary evil to tame the heat that boils within you.[[ENDIF]] He pushes you back against a wall, pinning you as his cock slides between your thighs. He lifts you up, wrapping your [[LEGS DESCRIPTION]] around his green-scaled waist and aiming his piece toward your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. While his paws rub along your [[BELLY DESCRIPTION]] and [[BREAST DESCRIPTION]], he slides himself deep into you, repeating the process quicker before he brings you both to climax.\n\nHe slides out of you with a sigh, collapsing in exhaustion. \"Thank you, My Queen. Please, return to the breeding chamber quickly.\"[[ENDIF]]",
  "playerDefeat": "\"Enough of this.\" The Bolstered Dragon Disciple growls as you fall to your knees.\n\n[[IF [[IS TORSO DRAGONQUEEN]]]]The strong beast moves to pick you up by your [[ARMS DESCRIPTION]], but pauses. There is no other being around, and the Queen is weak and powerless before him.\n\nHis paws push you down onto your back, his slitted eyes locking into your [[EYES DESCRIPTION]]. \"Consider this a punishment.\" He rumbles, a smirk cracking at his scaled lips. \"You aren't to be out of the breeding chamber unless there is an emergency.\" He hisses, pulling his loincloth away to reveal his large, throbbing member.\n\nYou [[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]whimper quietly[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]hiss in confusion[[ELSE]]glare and growl at him[[ENDIF]] as your legs are spread to reveal your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]], and quickly find his warm and pulsating cock rubbing at one of them. \"The Servants have nothing on me,\" He hissed to himself, pinning your arms above your head as he leaned forward and pushed his shaft into your [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]]. Your combined lust rises as he violates you, both of you creating a chorus of moans, hisses and light growls until he delivers his warm cum into your wet [[VAGINA DESCRIPTION]].\n\n[[IF [[HIGH ACCEPTANCE]]]]As you catch your breath, he picks you up, keeping you locked with him. \"It is time to return you to where you belong.\"[[ELSE IF [[MEDIUM ACCEPTANCE]]]]As soon as he finishes, he pulls out. \"Now come with me, the Servants are waiting to bring you healthy clutches.\" You swiftly regain what little energy you have left and hobble out of there, questioning whether you want to leave or not.[[ELSE]]As soon as your hands are free, you backhand the Bolstered Dragon Disciple and book it out of there.[[ENDIF]]\n\n[[ENDIF]]",
  "config": {
    "escapeChance": 0,
    "hp": 40,
    "lustMax": 30,
    "meleeAttackPlayerDamage": 3,
    "meleeAttackPlayerAccuracy": 0.45,
    "lustAttackPlayerDamage": 40,
    "lustAttackPlayerAccuracy": 1,
    "lustAttackChance": 0.49,
    "meleeAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.95,
    "lustAttackMonsterAccuracy": 0.95
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerVictory": true,
  "inseminationAttemptOnPlayerDefeat": true